Steward is a web3 collective working for people & planet

Our flagship NFT collection launches in August 2022, with 888 NFTs representing the 8 major ecosystems of our planet.

Which ecosystem will you steward?






Temperate Forest

Tropical Rain Forest


Steward harnesses the power of the digital world to protect our physical world

  • NFT collections tied directly to the climate movement, with 40% of sales contributed to non-profit partners
  • A DAO in the works to purchase land for conservation and rewilding
  • Community focus on bringing more BIPOC and women into the web3 space

We are climate optimists and tech enthusiasts, with a unique blend of activism, tech, editorial, creative, and art backgrounds.

Sophia Li at a climate protest holding a No Planet B sign.
Sophia Li
Climate Journalist & Advocate
Lydia pang holding a huge parasol mushroom over her head like an umbrella.
Lydia Pang
CEO/Creative Director
Maria Li smiling, stood in front of bamboo.
Maria Li
Tech & Startup Leader

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