Digital art that protects our Natural world

We're building a community of 1536 Stewards to re-envision climate impact.

Steward bridges our natural and digital worlds.

There is no digital world without a thriving natural world.

Less than 2% of global philanthropy goes to climate.


Steward aims to change that through:

Closing the climate funding gap
Using onchain technology for direct impact
Supporting independent artists through royalties
Growing the climate movement in the web3 community

1536 unique Digital art pieces

8 ecosystems

The Tundra
The Taiga
Tropical Rain Forest
Temperate Forest
The Chaparral
The Ocean

8 climate nonprofits

Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil – APIB (Animga)
Oceanic Global
Earth Care: For Our Relatives
NDN Collective
Native Conservancy
Keystone Species Alliance
The Solutions Project

1 world

It all starts with a seed.

Apply for Stewardship and claim your chance to own a unique piece of art.

We are all stewards of this planet. Which ecosystem will you steward?