Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Digital artwork?

The form of digital artwork consists of the different elements of the allocated ecosystem, each interpreted by the artist allocated to it. It is a representation of the components that make each ecosystem not only survive but thrive. The Art itself won’t be revealed until a later date and will be represented as a seed until that date.

Why aren’t you just creating physical art?

There are multiple reasons but this style of digital art is called dynamic art and it allows the artwork to shift, morph and adapt based on real-life elements. In this case, as the weather changes within each of the ecosystems, the unique piece of digital art will change - and over time will grow, as the cycle of plants in seasons does. Something that can’t be done as a piece of physical art.

Who are the eight NGO’s?

There are eight Non-profits, representing the eight ecosystems, which you can find in our greenpaper in the navigation bar.

How do I own a piece of digital art?

You must apply for Stewardship through this link: Apply for Stewardship

If successful, you will have the opportunity to purchase a seed, which will be exchanged for a piece of digital art.

When does the collection launch?

Once the allowlist closes we will open a two-week window for people to purchase their seed. Once all Seeds have been claimed, the countdown will start as to when the art is revealed and can be exchanged for.

Will the artwork be affordable?

Yes. We have priced the artwork respective to our talented artists, and the current market and still be able to generate enough revenue to make a significant impact for our non-profits.

How is the revenue distributed?

Primary sales revenue will be distributed:

  • 40% Non-profits
  • 40% Steward team (Treasury and further project activations)
  • 20% Artists

How can I join Steward community?

You can join by applying for Stewardship and following us on Instagram/Twitter

Apply for Stewardship

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet will be the wallet to hold your seed and digital artwork. Keeping it safe and secure.

Don't have a wallet? Don't worry, you can download the most commonly used digital wallet metamask here

How do I know it’s a secure process?

Safety is at the center of STEWARD. To ensure our community has a safe user experience, we have built our own marketplace and have worked with the team at Celo Blockchain to ensure every step is protected.

Who do I contact for wallet support?

You will contact the wallet provider for any support. STEWARD collection is accepting MetaMask, Valora, and Coinbase.

Do I need to be a Web3 expert to join Steward?

Most certainly not, this is a space where we are all learning. And given the early learnings from the first wave of Web3, it's a bonus not knowing and coming with an open, curious mind as to what could be.