We’re all here because we all believe in the same thing. The protection of our planet. STEWARD is a bridge between the natural world and digital world.

The Steward Digital Art collection reminds us of our responsibility to protect, preserve and love our communities and environments. There is no digital world without a thriving natural world.

We do this through partnering with 8 conservation, environmental justice and Indigenous nonprofits and 8 global artists to protect the 8 major ecosystems of our natural world.

Which ecosystem will you steward?

What does it mean to Steward an Ecosystem?

Stewardships Tangible Benefits

Patreon of Work

Not only will you be a patreon of the artists, NGO’s and wider Steward community, but also a patreon of your own work. Stewardship is any act of good that helps us move closer to saving our planet. This can be in the form of an idea, a piece of copy, a tweet, a donation or even sharing something that changes other people's mindsets. You are a patreon of yourself.

Seasonal Benefits

We have introduced a cycle to ensure our holders are rewarded with new items and access, as well as providing a consistent system to support the NGO’s involved. These benefits will also include a record of your support to the planet during the seasonal window, as outlined in “Documentation of impact”

Documentation of Impact

Here at Steward we don’t wish to do just one collection and move on. We see a responsibility, like all holders do, to continue to move in the direction of a better planet for everyone. Stewardship will be a documentation of the impact the Steward community has and one that is credited publicly, inspiring others to join and build.

Fund and Support

You will be advocates and supporters of creators and non-profits all year round. The project is built upon these two pillars and is vital to our values that we, alongside you, continue to fuel these two core components.