Our Team

The founders of Steward are three incredible women with 30 years experience combined in the digital, tech and environmental industries and are passionate and dedicated to leaving the world in a better place than they left it.

Sophia Li

Climate Lead / Co-founder

Sophia is a multimedia journalist and climate advocate, Harvard named her one of the top climate communicators of 2022. She is the host of Meta’s podcast, Climate Talks and is a United Nations Human Rights Champion. Sophia's journalistic reporting has appeared in CNN, NY Magazine, VOGUE and the United Nations.

Lydia Pang

Creative Lead / Co-founder

Lydia is the Co-Founder of MORNING, a global creative strategy and conscious storytelling studio. Lydia is a Frankenstein, misfit creative with a decade of experience in mission driven marketing. Her previous leadership roles include Nike HQ in Portland, Refinery29 in New York, and Anomaly in London. She now lives in the forest in Wales.

Maria Li

Commercial Lead / Co-founder

Maria is a startup leader, working these days to build Asia’s tech community. Based in Singapore, she currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of Tech in Asia, the premier digital media platform covering the region’s tech sector. She loves working in emerging markets, with a career that has spanned across sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. Maria has worked at Apple and Deloitte, and earned her MBA from Wharton and MPP from the University of Virginia.

Kate Cervini

Project Lead

Kate Cervini has over 10 years of experience in project management and production and has worked alongside the world’s leading brands and agencies within the fashion and media industries. Kate is originally from Michigan so has a deep love for the outdoors and spending time in nature.

David Watkins

Creative Strategist

For nine years, David has been working with the biggest brands in the world to bring them closer to their audiences. Previously leading the Digital Communications for The Prince and Princess of Wales, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and social strategy at Burberry - Left Web2 behind to pursue Web3 full time, he now spends his time making things better by making better things with Steward.

Marna Judd

Social Lead

Marna is a marketing communicator and project manager with a specific interest in the social and political impact of tech on today’s world. Since graduating she has diversified her background in the third sector by moving into the tech industry. She has worked with a number of tech start-ups spanning health, food, e-commerce, and now Web3; expanding social platforms, increasing visibility, and honing messaging as they grow into successful businesses.